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IT Security

Being a distinct market force from the very beginning, Joy Comm offers innovative solutions of Fortinet, VmWare and Sentinel ONE

IT Networking

Joy Comm supports their clients in the design of an IT network that ensures the maximum visibility at elevated performance


We have consolidated our experience through the application of internationally recognized methods such as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VA & PEN TEST)


With the modernization of corporate applications, we offer the automatization and coherence of all operations on-premise or in the cloud by applying security to the infrastructure


(Always) at your side to protect your corporate IT structure.

In a scenario of continuous technological evolution Joy Comm proposes itself as partner of reference for the supply of devices and services for IT networking, Security and Compliance, Managed Service and Cloud for small, medium and large businesses, multinational corporates as well as national and local service providers.


Joy Comm designs, realizes and manages IT networks, private and public cloud solutions by providing a complete service of consultancy and support.

Cyber Security

Joy Comm is specifically expert in the field of IT security (Cybersecurity) regarding data protection. The security solutions and services we offer are tailored to the different corporate needs that we evaluate owing to assessment processes and to integrated projects.


Joy Comm was born through the merger of two companies: Joy System and Comunica. The experience and competences gained over the period of two decades of business activity allow us to design, implement and manage the most advanced technological solutions available on the market.


A tight network of collaboration between partners and system integrators backed by certified technical competences makes us the ideal interlocutor for projects of any kind regarding the integration of informatic systems.


The privileged and consolidated rapport with market leading producers of various technologies, among others the multinational Fortinet, allows us to offer cutting edge solutions, and the trust that our clients place in our professional approach helps us to realize ever more high-performance and innovative projects.

Human Rapport

It is indeed this close rapport we maintain with our clients and suppliers that underlines further the ability of Joy Comm to create strong interpersonal relations aiming at high level technologies and competences without disregarding the human aspect


The most valued certifications in the IT security sector

Based on the experience gained in the past through Joy System and Comunica, JoyComm can take advantage of the most important Fortinet certifications as IT security experts.


Intervention speed and efficient solutions to guarantee the secure smart working environment of the corporate Network Contacts during the COVID 19 emergency

Smart working and IT security: A hot topic that the COVID 19 emergency has forced into the limelight in recent months.

The widespread and fast outbreak of the Coronavirus has pushed corporates worldwide to opt for speedy implementation of remote working, clearly with all inherent difficulties and risks, especially from the IT security viewpoint, that such a sudden change of course could bring with it.

The following case history of Joy Comm can be framed in this scenario. In the middle of the pandemic, we were called to intervene to ensure the security and remote operability of the IT infrastructure at Network Contact, an Apulia based leader of outsourcing of corporate processes (BPO), management of client relation, digital interaction, and contact center.

A complex and specific intervention, which our team managed to carry out in record time with highly efficient solutions owing to the support of Fortinet technology.

Among the main problems the team had to confront was predominantly the one to verify that all corporate operators could authenticate themselves in an accurate and secure manner.

It became therefore crucial to activate the FortiAuthenticator in record time to enable the remote authentication of all call-center employees (more than 3000 operators).

Infrastructure and teamwork have permitted remote working within only 48 hours.

Owing to the support of Joy Comm consultants and Fortinet solutions, Network Contact could guarantee continued operation without any repercussion for the final client.


Consultancy regarding the Cybersecurity of the American Corporate Cuebiq

Among the case histories that have seen Joy System as protagonist and now regard Joy Comm as major partner we can find the activities regarding IT assistance to the corporate network of the American corporate Cuebiq with seats in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. This company is considered a leader in the intelligence and localization sector for which Joy Comm takes on the role as important consultancy specialist regarding the infrastructure of their IT security.

Cuebiq had the initial requirement to focus on the cloud security of their services. Moreover, and also in view of their rapid growth, ever more attention was paid to the protection of the corporate network of their various offices with focus on data traffic and the endpoints used by the corporate employees.

Owing to the Fortinet firewall, at first the entire internal network, both wireless and wired, was secured. This was carried out via devices switch and access point to finally arrive at the personal computers that are equipped with the clients.

Once this task was completed in Italy, the implementation of the Fortinet infrastructure with the respective solutions FortiGate, FortiSwitch, FortiAP, FortiAnalyzer, EMS and FortiClient Telemetry was emulated also in the offices in the United States, counting well over 100 employees during the single setup phase, and  an even greater number today.

This has allowed for complete transparency by means of centralized Fortinet monitoring equipment, the FortiAnalyzer


Security solutions architect at PAM Plasticos

Among the most particular interventions undertaken by Joy System, special mention deserves one carried out at PAM PLasticos, a company located in Manaus, Brasil. This South- American company, leader in the processing of plastic, experienced a situation of serious difficulty due to the malfunctioning of their Fortinet firewall infrastructure as it had been configured and managed by a company in Sao Paolo.

Joy System started to analyze the situation remoted and intervened in the following with their technicians directly on the premises to reset the internal company security system in Manaus thus permitting regular operation.

Security Assessment Approach

JoyComm analyze and improve the security level of your corporate network


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